A woman is recovering after an urgent medical evacuation from Niue

The family of a woman in her mid-thirties who was evacuated from Niue to New Zealand for emergency medical care last week is recovering well. According to the family she was discharged from Middlemore hospital yesterday afternoon and is recovering well at their family home in Auckland.

The family told BCN news that she has an underlying heart condition that contributed to the stroke which left her temporarily unable to speak but a few days after arrival into New Zealand and with therapy she has since recovered her speech and slowly returning to normal.

The patient’s mother O’love Tauveve Jacobsen told BCN news that they came close to losing her daughter. “We came close to losing our girl, but the Lord heard our prayers, a miracle and grateful to God. The Lord heard our prayers, and this incident is a reminder to us all and lessons learned that we cannot take life for granted”.

O’love Jacobsen says that she and her husband Patrick and their family are grateful for the outpouring of support and the prayers and the overwhelming kindness extended to their family during their time of need. They are ever grateful to the Niue government for the emergency evacuation which enabled their daughter to get to New Zealand to receive the care she needed.

The patient was evacuated on a New Zealand Air Force Hercules aircraft.

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