NZ High Commission host brunch for NZAid scholarship alumni

The New Zealand High Commission last week hosted an event for the scholarship students funded by NZAid with High Commissioner Helen Tunnah congratulating the students for attaining scholarships and those who have completed their scholarships.

“I would like to congratulate all of you who have won a scholarship and have succeeded in your scholarship, or who are about to start or to continue with your studies”.

High Commissioner Tunnah in her remarks made special mention of three NZAid scholarship students Martina Siataga, Hukuiaki Tiakia, and Taveli Pavihi on the successful completion of their scholarships.

Martina Siataga completed her program from The University of Auckland, Hukuiaki Tiakia from Unitec Institute of Technology and Taveli Pavihi from Victoria University of Wellington and all three are already employed in the public service.

Since 2012 a total of twenty-two graduates on NZAid funded scholarships have completed their programs and returned to contribute to the island’s development needs. There are currently twelve students on NZAid scholarships.

The Minister of Education Hon. Sauni Tongatule thanked the New Zealand government through the High Commissioner for their continuous support of a scholarship program for Niue students however he says the Niue government should also invest in additional scholarship opportunities for the students.

There are two main scholarship donors for Niue students, NZAid and Australia funded scholarships with AusAid.

Before 2012 the Niue government operated what was then called the ‘Reverse scholarship scheme” where the students will take a NZ student loan and when they complete their studies must return to work in Niue, and the government will pay their student loan. If the student did not return, then they are responsible for the repayment of their student loan.

Minister Tongatule told BCN news last week that the government is also considering a national recognition ceremony for all the students who have completed their studies overseas and have returned to contribute to the island’s development in whichever field, most of whom work for the government.  

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