Government wage subsidies for the private sector will continue with a 60% cut

The Chamber of Commerce yesterday informed the business community that after further discussions with the Government, the wage subsidies will continue for the next couple of months and will be determined on a month by month basis.

According to the email from the Chamber of Commerce, there will be major changes to the subsidies which has been reduced.

“The Government’s Wage Subsidies (GWS) will be at a lower rate, as the funds available for the GWS has been cut by 60%”.

The changes include the exclusion of some of those who previously received the wage subsidies.

These changes include;

• Business owners and/or employees who work full time for Govt, NGOs or other, will not be eligible for GWS

• Students are not eligible for GWS

• Business owners with more than one business can only apply for 1 business

• Business owners/employees who are off island overseas due to medical, work, personal or any other reason will not be eligible for the GWS

Two weeks ago, the Minister of Finance Crossley Tatui had said that the government will continue to find arrangements to help the private sector especially those in the tourism sector.

Tatui also cautioned that people should not try to take advantage of COVID 19 for personal gain because everyone is being impacted by COVID including the government’s revenue base.

Businesses have until 4 pm tomorrow 3 March to submit their applications to the Niue Chamber of Commerce.

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