22 year old remanded in custody for stealing a Police patrol vehicle

According to the Police on Saturday night 27 February, a 22 year old man, not a member of the Niue Police force was witnessed driving a police patrol vehicle.

The Police was able to locate the person who was found to be heavily intoxicated. He was put in jail on Saturday night.

During the investigation, the Police surveillance footage showed that the man stole a police patrol vehicle from the Police station at Fonuakula at around 9.55pm on Saturday night.

According to the Police press statement during the course of the investigation, it was determined that a collision had occurred causing damage to the police vehicle.

The subject is currently being held on a conversion charge and the police anticipate that additional charges will be laid. BCN news understands the subject is known to Police.

At his bail hearing yesterday, he was denied bail and remains in custody awaiting his trial on March 18th.

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