Power blackout this morning, Niue Power struggling to restore power to the island

Just as the working week started this morning there was an island-wide power blackout after 8 am.

At 9am Hui Paola of Niue Power informed the public service in an email saying that “At this point Niue Power generation Department have done all possible to restore power to Niue but no success”.

BCN News understands from social media postings that power is still out to the northern and eastern side of the island from Alofi North community hall up to Liku.

The Niue Power teams are working their way around the island trying to locate the fault. There is a team working to restore power from Matavai at Tamakautoga to Hakupu on the southern end of the island. BCN news understands that the fault is not at the Power station.

Power is restored to the main areas of Alofi central and Alofi South where the business community and government departments are located.

TV Niue is turned off to protect equipment while Radio Sunshine was turned back on after 10 am this morning.

Niue Power is asking the public to treat all electrical appliances as live at all times while they try to restore power to the rest of the island.

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