NCEA results will be out tomorrow

The results for NCEA will be released tomorrow according to the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) official website. This story is compiled with BCN News junior reporter and Niue High School senior student Jorja Tuhipa.

Eighty students from Niue High School took the exams for levels 1, 2 and three of the NCEA last year.

Niue High School 2020 Dux recipient Janual Rollorata will be checking his level 3 results tomorrow. He said “I can’t really say that I expect some very outstanding results but I am confident enough that it would reflect the effort I did during the exams”.

The 18 year old told BCN news that he feels a “bit conflicted since you don’t really know what the results are going to be”.

Meanwhile one of the students who will be expecting his level 1 results tomorrow says “ While waiting to receive these results I’m making the most of my free time while I still have it before my parents start putting limits on the time I spend on my devices”.

The sixteen year old boy says that NCEA level 1 exam gave him a better understanding of what an external exam is really like so that he is somewhat prepared for level 2 this year.

Students will be able to log into their NCEA accounts tomorrow to check their results. In order to check your results, you will need your NZQA number. Every student would’ve been issued with an NZQA number by your form teachers before the exam period.

If you have with you your NZQA number, then you would simply need to visit the NZQA website ( and log in with your password.

If you have forgotten your password, don’t panic there should be a process you can follow on the website to renew your password.

Students will return to school on Monday 1st of February.

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