Commissioner Tasi Pulehetoa retires after 47 years of service to the government.

The Niue Public Service Commission informed today that Commissioner Sionetasi Pulehetoa (pictured with Secretary to Government Peleni Talagi) today completed his three-year appointment and will be leaving the Commission.

A statement from the Premier Dalton Tagelagi thanked Tasi Pulehetoa saying “I sincerely thank him for his service. His hard work and contributions during his term and his long service to the country is highly appreciated. He is a humble and gracious man who supports progress for Niue. If only we had more people like him”

Mr. Pulehetoa was appointed a Commissioner of the public service three years ago on 8th December 2017 to replace outgoing Commissioner Mrs. Gina Tukiuha.

A career public servant Mr. Pulehetoa started in the service as a Radio Trainee in January 1973 and worked 43 years for the government with his last post as the first Director of Meteorological Services. He retired in December 2015 after turning 60.

According to the press release from the Public Service Commission, Mr Pulehetoa had served 47 years for the government including his time as a public service commissioner.

During his 3-year term as Commissioner, Mr Pulehetoa served with three other commissioners Mr Atapana Siakimotu, Victoria Kalauni and Mrs Ida Talagi-Hekesi.

Mr. Pulehetoa was appointed by the former government under the leadership of Sir Toke Tufukia Talagi, KNZM.

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