Police release security footage to assuage the community that there was no quarantine breach

The Police department has released the security camera footage from the government’s quarantine facility at Homofiti, Tamakautoga to assure the community that there was no breach of the quarantine facility.

The footage dated Tuesday 3rd November shows four men from within the perimeter fencing, two of the men are standing and two are sitting down.

On the other side of the fence is one man wearing a high vis vest seated and is seen talking to the four men within the fence.

In between the men are two fences, according to the Police the first fence is three metres from the outside fence.

The men are seen in conversation until the two men standing inside the fence left first. At six minutes to seven o’clock in the evening the two men sitting down walked away and the one man on the outside of the fence left at the same time.

The Chief of Police Timothy Wilson told BCN news that after their investigation last week, they found that there was no breach of quarantine as alluded to by a local and posted on Facebook.

According to the Chief, they conducted a thorough investigation and spoke to all witnesses including the person who posted his suspicions on Facebook.

BCN understands from the Police, that the individual was driving past the facility and reportedly posted on Facebook alluding to a breach prompting other facebook users to contact the Police.

After BCN broke the story on Thursday last week the individual posted again on Facebook, saying that he was not satisfied with the investigation and that he stood by what he saw.

Police issued a press release on Friday afternoon stating that they “believe in transparency and understand that many may be concerned about this. The Police wish to build public trust and faith in us”.

According to the Police, there are several security cameras around the quarantine facility and clearly show no breach.

The Police continue to ask the public to report violations of quarantine they observe directly to the Police.

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