Minister Togatule respond to questions over government donation to the Ekalesia Niue

Minister of Social Services Hon. Sauni Togatule says that Cabinet’s decision to donate $120,000 to the Ekalesia Kerisiano Niue recognises the significant contribution of the Ekalesia Niue to the island as the biggest religious denomination.

The minister was responding to a question from common roll member Hon. Terry Coe at the Fono Ekepule yesterday as to why the government gave money to the Ekalesia and not other religions.

The Minister said that the Ekalesia is the largest denomination on the island and is historically significant in the introduction of the gospel to Niue.

His response provided a historical account of the Ekalesia and the work of Niuean missionaries who worked in other countries in the Pacific. He said some of these missionaries died where they served, a sacrifice that is worth remembering.

Minister Togatule continued to list some of the other activities that the clerics of the Ekalesia undertake such as the bible study program at the two schools which has been in place for decades.

He said that there is support through the funding for the national council of churches which is with the Community Affairs department.

The Minister said that this is not the first time, the government is facing financial difficulties, this year is made worse because of COVID 19.

However, Cabinet thought hard about this contribution and felt it was necessary to support the institution of the Ekalesia Kerisiano Niue which is and has been tending to the spiritual needs of the majority of people on the island.

BCN news understands that the president of the Ekalesia is often called upon by the government to conduct the blessings of many of the government projects, opening of workshops and many other government related events including the national flag raising ceremony.

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