Ramsi Edwards shines at the NZ Olympic Weightlifting National Secondary School Championships

It’s probably safe to say that last weekend would be one that young Ramsi Edwards and her family will never forget with double celebrations.

The young weightlifter winning multiple awards, qualifying for the NZ Olympic competitions and doing it all the day before her 14th birthday.

Ramsi Edwards is New Zealand secondary schools under 15 weight lifting champion for the 81 plus kg category. Edwards also placed 2nd in the overall national schools under 15 division and placed 3rd overall in the 81 plus kg for the over 15-year olds.

She was awarded the NZ gold medal for lifting a combined weight of 141kg which was the only medal in this category.

And to top it off Ramsi qualified for the Olympic Weightlifting NZ National competitions to be held in Tauranga in November.

Ramsi Edwards is a student of Aorere College and is the first female lifter from Aorere College to compete in the NZ national secondary competitions.

Her coach is one of NZ Olympic Weightlifting Coaches Simon Kent who is also the Head coach of Olympic Weightlifting Papatoetoe Club where Ramsi trains 4 times a week.

Ramsi Edwards is the daughter of former Chief of Police Tony Edwards who moved to Auckland with Ramsi in May this year.

Her mother Carol is the principal of Niue Primary school and remain on the island with her sister Maxine who is also a lifter.

Carol told BCN news that Ramsi started lifting when she was 11 years old and attended training camps in New Caledonia in 2018 and 2019.

Ramsi’s first international competition was at the South Pacific Games in July 2019 coached by Narita Viliamu-Tahega.

The sky is the limit for this 14-year old Niuean lifter and yes, she is named after the Regional Assistance Mission to the Solomon Islands (RAMSI) where her father served for a number of years.

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