Niue government donates $120,000 to the Ekalesia Niue on Peniamina Day

The annual commemoration of the introduction of the gospel to Niue is marked by a national holiday called Peniamina Day. This is the one day of the year when the island remembers the introduction of the gospel to Niue in 1846, this year the island commemorates 174 years of the gospel.

It is also the one day of the year that all the thirteen Ekalesia churches from around the island contribute financially towards the main Ekalesia.

This year the Ekalesia Niue received over $177,000. The thirteen village Ekalesia contributed over $57,000 with the government’s $120,000 contribution.

The minister of Social Services Hon. Sauni Togatule made the announcement at the service at the Millennium Hall on Monday.

Minister Togatule told the congregation that the government’s relationship with the Ekalesia has never wavered and remains as strong as it was with previous governments. The minister said that the government is also considering contributions towards the National Council of Churches going forward.

Disruptions to travel due to COVID 19 also impacted this significant day for Niue with the lack of visitors from the various Ekalesia and Niue community groups based overseas.

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