New charges for those traveling into NZ now in effect

The new charges for those traveling into New Zealand came into effect this morning. This means that every New Zealand citizen including citizens from the realm countries like Niue, Cook Islands, and Tokelau will now have to pay to be quarantined in managed isolation if they are traveling to New Zealand for less than 3 months.

The charges are $3100 per person in one room and for every additional adult $950 and children sharing that room will cost $475 each including GST.

BCN News received a statement from the Office of the NZ High Commission at Tapeu today.

New Zealanders who are currently overseas and who wish to travel to New Zealand for less than 90 days will be required to pay for some of the costs of managed isolation.

This includes NZ citizens in Niue. There are exemptions for those who are travelling for medical treatment, or NZ citizens who would ordinarily reside in Niue who are travelling from another country but must pass through New Zealand in order to return to Niue (for longer than 90 days).

These new changes will affect a number of families in Niue who are expected to attend special family occasions such as weddings, birthdays, and graduation ceremonies.

BCN News expect to get more answers at the Cabinet press conference tomorrow.

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