Ministry of Social Services allocated the largest budget with over $11M

The Ministry of Social Services has been allocated the largest national budget allocation of $11, 566,960.

Education, Health, Justice department including Community Affairs comes under this Ministry.

Central Agencies which includes the Public Service Commission, Cabinet and Parliamentary services, Office of the Secretary of Government has the second-largest budget of $7,261,350.

Commercial and Trading which includes Niue Tourism Authority and Bulk Fuel follows with a total budget allocation of $5,758,000.

Ministry of Infrastructure has an allocation of $4,966,500.

The least budget has been allocated to the Ministry of Natural Resources with the sum of $1,529,500.

The total recurrent expenditure is $31,082,310.

The budget deficit is reduced by $1.5 million bringing the deficit from $7.2 million to $5.7 million.

The injection of $1.5 million into the Budget is from part of the $6 million budget support from the New Zealand Government.

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