Continuation of the wage subsidies confirmed by Finance Minister

A second stimulus package is being prepared and negotiated with the Chamber of Commerce to be released once funds are appropriated.

Minister for Finance Crossley Tatui announced this in Parliament stating it will be released once, the initial funds disbursements are fully accounted for.

In April, the Fono Ekepule approved $1,850,000 allocated towards this wage supplementation package.

Over $500,000 have been utilized up to July benefitting a total of 241 workers from 71 businesses.

The Government’s Wage Supplementation package to support the private sector started rolling out in May and backdated to April.

This package is a culmination of the work between the Government and the Chamber of Commerce to ensure those businesses impacted by COVID-19 continue to receive a source of income.  

The package ensures that the business owner and their employees will receive a salary every two weeks.

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