Cabinet reopens shooting season for fruit pigeons & bats

The shooting season for Lupe – fruit pigeon and Peka – bats has now reopened.

Minister for Natural Resources Mona Ainu’u announced that Cabinet has decided to reopen the shooting season from the 1st of August till the end of September.

“Last week the government decided in cabinet in regard to the opening of the shooting season. We all know this is something that has been long outstanding for government. The public expression of wanting to have this shooting season reopen so as of last week 1st of August Cabinet has decided to reopen the season for the pigeons, lupe and the peka. “

Cabinet this morning also endorsed the request from the police department for the sale of ammunition.

“There are a few things that the public must know about the sale of ammunition and protocols in place by the police. If there are any questions entails the provisions set in place by the police, they will be able to clarify and for the public to go and seek information on purchasing ammunition.

The cost of ammunition has increased from $25 to $50 per box.

“There are 25 cartridges in a box previously the cost was $25 as of this morning the ammunition is open for sale however the cost is $50 per 25 cartridges or 1 box.

The other provision in place that has been endorsed this morning is that only two boxes or two cartons of 25 per firearm owner rather than per firearm and that was decided by cabinet.

Of course some other provision to align with is that the first two boxes allowed for sale, the firearm owner who is the registered firearm owner or has the license to use the firearm, those cartridges will have to returned to the police station in order to purchase two more. The maximum of ammunition by firearm holders will be 4 boxes depending on whether you bring back the cartridges to receive the extra two.”said Ainuu

In 2014, a ban was imposed on the shooting season after surveys found a decline in the number of fruit pigeons and bats.

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