The Government highlights financial obligations are being met despite cash flow challenges

The Government has highlighted financial obligations are being met despite cash flow challenges.

Premier and Minister for Finance and Planning Hon. Dalton Tagelagi told the Assembly last week that vigilant financial management and prudent decision making is essential for the transition or cut off period leading to the new financial year.

He said government will ensure that the ongoing financial obligations for fuel, priority road maintenance, health supplies, salaries, and pensions are being met.

He has also asked for support towards local businesses and hold back on big items from overseas till government is financially stable.

Despite the Premier’s speech about prudent fiscal spending, in the same the sitting of the Fono Ekepule last week, two motions were put forward requesting more spending by Government

Common Roll member Stanley Kalauni had put forward two motions one of which was to purchase urgently 2 bulldozers and a question from Veteran MP Terry Coe asking why the National broadcaster has not provided one free television channel.

The motion for the procurement of 2 bulldozers was unanimously supported by the Fono Ekepule including the Minister of Natural Resources Hon. Mona Ainuu.

If supported by Cabinet the purchase of the two bulldozers and one free TV channel will incur substantial costs to the new government’s budget despite the warnings of the Premier for vigilant and prudent financial spending.

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