Former Premier returns home on a private chartered flight

Former Premier Sir Toke Talagi and Lady Fifita Talagi arrived back to the island on a chartered flight last night. The flight arrived after 7 pm.

A press release issued after 4pm yesterday afternoon by the National Disaster Management Office said that Cabinet had approved for Sir Toke and Lady Fifita to be quarantined at their residence Fonuakula for 14 days as required by the Public Health Act. As has been done in other cases, the decision for a dedicated quarantine isolation station is made in certain circumstances where consideration is made due to medical conditions of the arrival passengers.

The release said that Sir Toke and Lady Fifita will be quarantined and in isolation along with their immediate family. The terms of isolation and quarantine will apply to their immediate family who will be required to be isolated for 14 days.

Family and friends are asked to respect these requirements and to please comply with the quarantine rules to ensure public safety.

The family of Sir Toke Talagi seek the understanding of the public to please respect their privacy at this time.

Sir Toke Talagi was medevaced to New Zealand on Wednesday night accompanied by his wife Lady Fifita. The charter flight was not paid for by the Government.

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