Australian yacht docked at Alofi bay concern locals

An Australian yacht Magic Bullet docked at Alofi Bay this morning.

According to the marine traffic tracing website, the yachts last port of call was Taiohae which is the main port of the island of Nuku Hiva in French Polynesia on the 19th of June.

BCN cameras were at Alofi Tomb point this morning and filmed one man on board the yacht. Witnesses told BCN News they saw the search and rescue boat towing the yacht into Alofi bay this morning.

Niue like many Pacific countries have closed their borders to all travelers including yachts.

However, French Polynesia have opened up their borders and allowing tourists into the French territories.

Chief of Police Timothy Wilson says early this morning, the Niue Police received a report of a sailing yacht that was spotted off the coast of Niue near Makapu Point.

“Contact was not made with the vessel and SAR 1 was launched to investigate further. Police, with help from the Department of Fisheries, were able to communicate with the vessel and it was discovered there was a sole occupant, the skipper on board with no crew.”

The yacht was en route to Australia from French Polynesia when it developed mechanical problems. The skipper of the yacht, an Australian citizen, requested permission to moor so he could undertake repairs to his engines and, once completed, continue on with his voyage to Australia.

“He has been granted temporary permission to moor his yacht and conduct his repairs for humanitarian reasons. He will quarantine on his yacht and has been informed he is not permitted to come ashore.”

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