Three names identified as the likely new Speaker of Parliament

Three names have been identified as the likely new Speaker of Niue’s Parliament.

BCN News has been reliably informed that these names have been brought up in the meetings held over the last few days by independent MP Elect as they discuss the formation of coalitions before the Assembly sits for the first time next week following the General Election.

According to sources, the three names being considered for the new speaker include former broadcaster, diplomat, and former MP Hima Douglas. Outgoing Minister for Social Services Billy Talagi and Outgoing MP for Hakupu Michael Jackson.

Meanwhile, MP – Elect Terry Coe has lamented the lack of support for a female speakership.

Coe told BCN News he is disappointed that there was no support for recommendations for a female speaker.

Coe’s choice of speaker included former Secretary of Government and former Diplomat Sisilia Talagi, Current Niue High Court Commissioner Sifa Ioane, and current broadcaster and former MP Esther Pavihi.

Coe has had a contentious relationship with the former speaker Togia Valu Pihigia ( pictured) and has taken legal action against him twice for preventing him from speaking and from posing questions during the sitting of the Assembly last year.

The opening of the 17th Legislative Assembly is tentatively set for Wednesday next week the 10th June.

The election of the Speaker takes place first before any other business at the first meeting of the Assembly. The Speaker will be voted into office by an absolute majority of the 20 members.

In the history of the Fono Ekepule, the Speaker has always been someone from outside the elected 20 members of the Assembly.

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