Applying for a position in Government will now cost $50

It will now cost $50 for people applying for any positions in the Public Service.

This is due to the requirement for each applicant to provide a Police Report and a Health Certificate, both of which cost $25 each.

The Director of the Secretariat of the Public Service Commission confirmed to BCN News, that this is now a requirement for all applications for a vacancy in the public service.

The latest vacancies circular from the Public Service Commissioner is calling for applications for the positions of Director Generals of the three government Ministries of Infrastructure, Natural Resources,and Social Services.  

Since 2014, Gaylene Tasmania has been Director General for the Ministry of Social Services, Dr Josie Tamate as the Director General of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Andre Siohane as Director General of the Ministry of Infrastructure.

All of whom have held their positions for two consecutive terms. The appointments of Director Generals were part of the transformation process of the Public Service.

Other senior government official positions being advertised include the Director of Education, Director of Transport and General Manager of the Bulk Fuel.

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