Let the people decide; it’s voting day

Weeks of campaigning by election candidates and interaction with members of the public on issues concerning them have come to an end as voting begins today.

Niueans and residents eligible to vote will today exercise their democratic right to elect Members of the Niue Legislative Assembly.

A total of 1, 168 people have registered to vote in this year’s General Election and will be heading to the polling stations today to cast their votes.

By 6pm today when the polls will and close and when results start trickling in, we will have an indication of whether the current administration will remain, or a new government will be formed.

Issues discussed between the candidates and members of the public during the campaign trail have included the credibility of government particularly with the recent audit report tabled in Parliament for the financial year 2014 to 2015. Five years in arrears of audit reports are still pending.

Concerns have also been raised by the public on the conditions of the island’s infrastructure and the need to have roads repaired, upgrade health facilities, and education reforms.

Business opportunities and investments have also been of major interest in these discussions.

A total of 51 candidates are contesting the election, 26 in the common roll while 26 candidates for the village seats.

There is a total of 14 polling stations in each village on the island commencing from 9am and will close at 6pm today for the vote tallying to begin.

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