Heavy downpour forced an emergency power shutdown of the national power grid

The heavy rain last week forced an emergency power shutdown of the national power grid.

In a statement by the Power-production manager Hui Paola, he explained how the problems started with uncontrollable flooding into the power station.

Paola said he was grateful for the assistance from other government agencies to help stop the flooding, which included the use of heavy machinery to dig trenches outside the power house and across the road.

Their efforts were supported by water pumps which had to be used to drain the water which by then had reached inside the power station where the generators are. Just before 1pm on Thursday afternoon and with the consent of the Secretary to Government, it was decided to force an emergency power shutdown. 

Paola said that panic set in when they noticed that the water level was reaching the electrical machinery which included the northern and southern feeders which were filled with water. 

The power was turned off to allow the equipment to dry out before the national power grid could be turned on again after 4pm. 

BCN News understands that the Secretary to Government Peleni Talagi sent through a message of gratitude to the Powerhouse team for taking the initiative to ensure the safety of the staff and the power equipment. 

According to the Niue Met Office, the heavy deluge experienced last week set the rainfall records for Niue. 

BCN News understands that Niue High School also closed early on Thursday at 12 midday because the school grounds were flooded as well as some of the classrooms.

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