Chief Electoral Officer calls for Vote in advance of polling day applications

All persons who want to vote in advance of polling day must apply to the Chief Electoral Officer before 4.00pm Wednesday 27 May 2020.

A notice from the Chief Electoral Officer states applications can be obtained from the Office of the Chief Electoral Officer at Fonuakula, Alofi.

Voting in advance will be held on Thursday 28 May 2020 from 10.00am to 12.00pm and from 1.00pm to 2.00pm at the Department of Justice, Lands, Survey and Community Services at Fonuakula, Alofi.

Voters who want to vote in advance are advised of some of the factors that will be taken into consideration when deciding on the applications:

  1. That polling day falls on a day that is recognized as a day of worship – such as for the Seventh Day Adventist Church or for any other denominations who recognize Saturday as a day of worship.
  2. All persons who are employed in the service of the Government of Niue – such as those who work unloading goods of the ship when it is in port.
  3. If a voter can show valid reasons for why he or she should be allowed to vote in advance.

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