All flight passengers arriving from NZ will be deemed suspected cases

The Acting Director of Health Grizelda Mokoia has ordered that all passengers arriving from New Zealand will be deemed suspected cases and will be transported to a quarantine facility upon arrival. 

This is pursuant to the Niue Public Health Act 1965.

The order states that due to the increasing number of confirmed and suspected cases of community transmission of Covid 19 in New Zealand, the Niue Health department is taking precautionary measures by issuing this order.

Therefore all passengers arriving on today’s flight will be deemed suspected cases of a notifiable disease and subject to medical examination upon arrival, be admitted to a designated quarantine facility and will be subject to medical observation for a period of 14 days.

The order states that family members, friends and associates of any of these passengers are ordered to refrain from having any physical contact with any of these passengers whilst they are in isolation or as directed by the Director of Health.

Every person who fails to comply with this order commits an offence and is liable to prosecution. 

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