Confusion over the date of 2020 General Elections

There seems to be some confusion as to when the next general elections will be held. 

The Chief Electoral Officer confirmed he has not been notified of the date of the next general elections.  However that has not stopped some from announcing the date of the elections at village meetings. 

The Alofi South meeting was held three weeks ago and the village was informed that the date of the General elections will be on the 6th of June and the Avatele village meeting held Sunday two weeks ago, it was announced that the general elections will be held on the 30th of May. 

The uncertainty on the date of the elections has prompted some Members of Parliament to suggest that it’s time to put in mechanisms to ensure a timely preparation time for the elections. Common Roll MP Crossely Tatui has suggested that the date of the elections should be known at least 6 months before. 

These sentiments are shared by some aspiring candidates so they will have some certainty on campaign times. 

At the Fono Ekepule held earlier this month, the Premier Sir Toke Talagi announced that it will be held in May but that he will be speaking to the lawyers about the actual date. 

At this time, we know it will be in May but it’s anyone’s guess which date. 

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