Western side of the island worst affected by recent TC Tino

The western side of the island suffered the most damage along the coast as a result of the recent Tropical Cyclone Tino. 

Based on initial assessments by NDMO, this includes Sir Robert’s Wharf structural damage and damage to the winch, Avatele, Namukulu, Vaila, Kalaone, Hio and Limu.

NDMO Spokesperson Robin Hekau has confirmed to BCN News that assessments are still being carried out and reports filed however the wharf is the immediate priority.

The main damage was to Sir Robert’s wharf. Structural damage to the safety northern beam and some concrete peeled off the wharf deck. The winch also sustained damage. The priority is the wharf to enable boat operations by the Liloa.

When asked about the funding for these repair works, Hekau stated it is yet to be determined once fully assessed and costs are known.

For now NDMO, Hekau says is assessing the damage and what is required to fix it. Urgent technical assistance is sought from NZ to address the wharf damage as a priority then other areas affected.

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