Minister for Natural Resources to attend COP 25

Minister for Natural Resources Dalton Tagelagi will attend the UN Climate Summit in Spain next month.
The UN climate summits known as COP or Conference of the Parties are global conferences, in the course of which action for climate policy is negotiated.

Niue has participated in the annual conference of the parties most recently the COP 24 in Poland and COP 23 in Bonn, Germany.

COP 25 begins on 2nd December and ends on Friday 13th December.

Initially, COP 25 was to be held in Chile however the Spanish government has offered to hold the UN’s annual summit in its capital, following Chile’s announcement it could no longer be the venue.

Chile’s environment minister Carolina Schmidt, who will remain Cop25 president despite the change of venue, said UN Climate Change had confirmed the news.

The decision to change venues ultimately lay with the UN Cop bureau, a 12-member panel of climate diplomats drawn from across the world and chaired by Kurtyka. They met on Friday and accepted Spain’s offer.

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