Construction of new fale fono building begins after groundbreaking ceremony

Construction of the new fale fono building at Halamahaga will begin from today following the official ground-breaking ceremony this morning. 

The Premier Sir Toke Talagi officiated at the site with a prayer and blessing by the President of the Ekalesia Reverend Vili Kamupala Viviani.  

A plaque  was also unveiled at the site this morning displaying the architectural design of the building. 

According to the contractors, the ground works have been completed and they are set to proceed with the construction of the building.

The design of the new fale fono incorporates both the assembly and the cabinet buildings together. 

The new parliament plans will include a steel-enforced 3-level building able to withstand category-five natural disasters.

The Project Manager Api Fiso told BCN News in an earlier interview that the development has an estimated cost of $5 million, majority of the cost Fiso said is being funded by the New Zealand government.

Fiso also said the new Fale fono construction will take about 60 weeks to complete.

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