Landowners raise concerns over excessive penalties in water wellhead regulation 2019

A meeting called by the Ministry of Infrastructure with landowners of the more than 30 water bores around the island was held this morning. 

Various concerns were raised at the meeting.

Landowners were concerned at the existing law which prescribes penalties of up to $50,000 for individuals who breach the law or a maximum 10,000 penalty points or $1 million for organizations and corporations breach of the law or 20 years imprisonment for breach of the law. 

Landowners were concerned about the inconsistency of payments of lease payments and asked for an increase in the annual lease payments. 

Landowners said they had signed contracts for $400 per year for the use of their land. However landowners were disappointed when they went to collect their payment they only received $380 because the government had taken a fee of $20.

One landowner had not received any payments in over 10 years. 

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