Niue’s Tourism works on developing Sustainable Tourism Plan

Experts Stephen Knuckey and Justine Cummings, consultants with Niue Tourism have returned to Niue this time with the objective to  help Niue’s Tourism Office develop a Sustainable Tourism Plan for Niue for the next 5 years.  

This arose out of work done earlier this year in conducting an evidence and insight report on the major strengths and challenges of Niue as a sustainable tourist destination.  

The point of the plan Knuckey says is to identify tangible actions over the next 5 years that is going to achieve that goal of Niue as a sustainable tourist destination premised largely on growing the value and not necessarily growing the numbers of tourists.

The project will run up until March next year with village consultations scheduled for end of October. 

A pipelines process will be delivered with a sequence of actions from immediate to up to 5 years from ideas and suggestions out of this consultation process with talks already underway with stakeholders and operations on what sustainable tourism in Niue means for them.

Ultimately it’s envisaged investment from Tourism, donor funding and New Zealand could support these actions and projects to advancing the value of tourism here on Niue.

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