Woman swept away by strong waves, rescued by 3 visitors

A woman swept away by strong waves during rough seas over the weekend is lucky to be alive, having been rescued by three brave visitors.

The woman in the fall suffered a broken leg and was carried to near ground.  The woman was medevaced yesterday afternoon.

The lady believed to be visiting friends and families on the island was at the Limu pools when she put herself in a precarious position exposed to incoming waves, one of which swept her out.  The 3 men were on good timing , hearing her cries for help.

Onlookers assisted trying to contact the Hospital for help.  But with problems occurring simultaneously with damaged cables at the Sekena Tower, all phone lines including the emergency one was inoperable.  Onlookers raced to the nearby HIo Cafe to try to call for help.

Before the ambulance arrived which was also said to be delayed, all were worried for the state of the woman noting her age, panic and concerns for her own well being.

The woman is only 1 of 2 victims that were caught up in Niue’s rough seas over the weekend.  The first occurred the same morning at Sir Robert’s Wharf with a female tourist who was rescued by locals.  However, the woman did not sustain injuries and did not seek medical help.

The public, especially visitors are strongly advised to take heed of the weather warnings and not to underestimate Niue’s strong currents.  

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