PAC Chairperson expresses concern over non attendance of some members

The Chairperson of the Public Accounts Committee Maureen Melekitama delivered the report of the Committee’s recommendations on the budget before the Fono yesterday. 

She expressed her gratitude to all the government officials who appeared before the Committee during their deliberations of the draft estimates over the past three weeks. 

Hon. Melekitama also expressed her disappointment at the turn out of some of the members of the committee. 

” I note that these members in particular are the ones that come to the Assembly meeting and ask the questions but there is that opportunity to ask directly to the ministries themselves and get it from the horse’s mouth and understand it from that point but I don’t know what they think so I can’t really say but that’s the disappointment from that perspective is the commitment from all the committee members but i acknowledge the commitment from the rest of the committee which have been there throughout the duration, so its been good.” said Melekitama

Common Roll member Crossley Tatui clarified in the Fono that the report implicated him as being one of these members but he clarified that he attended the PAC meetings.

Story by Esther Pavihi

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