60 year old patient medevaced; Hospital denies shortage of oxygen supply

A critically ill male patient was medevaced late Monday evening due to a deteriorating state of health and was not fit to board the Air New Zealand aircraft that same afternoon. 

Social Services Director General Gaylene Tasmania confirms that a medical evacuation was successfully undertaken on Monday 19th August.

The Air Ambulance arrived at 7:35pm and departed at 10:52pm.   The patient was a 60 year old local resident from Alofi, who is now under the care of the Auckland Hospital in NZ. 

There have been rumors that the  Niue Foou Hospital had a shortage of oxygen supply. However , Tasmania has refuted such claims.

Members of private sector businesses provided additional standby oxygen tanks and to the relevant Government Agencies, ShopExports, Matson Agent and all stevedores (boat workers) who took priority in offloading the Hospital’s oxygen tanks first off the Boat.  All these efforts, Tasmania says were carried out to ensure the Hospital had enough oxygen supply on standby but at no time did the Hospital run out of oxygen. 

According to Tasmania, the Niue Foou Hospital has now replenished its full Oxygen supply.

The Department has also conveyed its gratitude to everyone who assisted in the medical evacuation on Monday night. 

The Director General says their prayers are with the patient and the family during this time.

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