“It feels amazing” : 15 year old Kaia Davis on Pacific Games achievement

Kaia Davis is only 15 years old and won bronze for Niue in the Oceania competition for weightlifting achieving personal bests in the snatch 80kgs in the 72kgs category also achieving a personal best lift in the clean and jerk with 105kgs.

“It feels amazing” said Davis of his achievement.

In awe of his performance and commitment his mum Isabelle Davis is no foreigner to the games having competed at the Papua New Guinea 2015 games in bodybuilding.

Youngest members of Team Niue, Kryslyn Sipeni came in 6th place while Ramsi Edwards who lifted her personal best came in 4th place. 

Kryslyn returned to Niue with the first lot of the teams on Monday July 15th.

Story by Fiafia Rex

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