Seventy one people undergo treatment for latent TB

712 people have been screened in which 71 tested positive with the Mantoux Tuberculin Skin test for latent TB.  

The 712 screened include those that opted voluntarily for the test.

Four villages to date have been screened for tuberculosis since commencement last year.

Public Health officers Grizelda Mokoia and Andy Manu visited the Alofi North village Sunday to complete assessment of tuberculosis screening for the village.  

Villages to date that have undergone the assessment are Hakupu, Vaiea, Avatele and now Alofi North.

Those that tested positive with mantoux tuberculin skin test commenced with treatment last Thursday and will continue until all 71 people diagnosed with latent TB has been completed. It is a 12 week long treatment to rid and or prevent the disease from developing into active TB.  With 9 pills taken weekly the patients are being closely monitored.

Mokoia informed that 71 is a high number for Niue and aims to rid the island of the disease.  She added the reasoning for the delay for treatment of the 71 persons is namely due to the medical supply funded by the United Nations Development Fund (UNDP), coming all the way from Finland coupled with the freight backlog and the planning undertaken by Health to ensure enough supplies have been provided.  

Dr Jason Tautasi advised the necessary cooperation required from agencies including Immigration to ensure all persons are arriving and planning on living in Niue adhere with the control of infectious diseases thanking Immigration for the assistance in such control.

With the aim to screen Niue’s entire population and eliminate the preventative disease and due Dr Tautasi encourages the ongoing support of the entire community.

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