Round the island bike race highlight of Hakupu show day

The round the island race was one of the highlights of this year’s annual Hakupu show day attracting hundreds of people to the Tuatea grounds on Saturday.

22 year old Alex Hopotoa from Segamanu Tamakautoga took home the coveted Round the Island Bike Race trophy and $1000 beating defending champion 47 year old Hivi Togia Puheke of Avatele by a mere second who took home $500 for second place.

Alex’s older brother Jinnam Hopotoa 24 claimed the $250 prize money at third place.

The member of Parliament for the village Michael Jackson as his family were the major sponsors and organizers of the event which attracted 16 registered riders, the oldest rider 74 year old Howard Burnham from Liku who came in 6th and the youngest rider is 12 year old Apisinia Fakaotimanava Lui from Lakepa.

Alex told BCN news last Saturday that he was grateful for the achievement and thankful to all his supporters and the organizers of the event.

Togia Puheke says that he will be riding again if this event is going to run again next year, he will try again saying that age does not matter because sports is a key aspect of his life. All three winners of the day said that the toughest part of the race around the island were the potholes, dodging some but not missing all of them.

The winning rider crossed the finish line at 2 hours 32 minutes and the second and third riders crossed mere seconds behind.

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