NZ Ministry of Education team meets with Niuean community on NCEA changes

The National Certificates of Educational Achievement known as NCEA is expected to undergo significant changes over a 5 years period.

A visiting team from New Zealand’s Ministry of Education met with representatives from the Niue community last week.

General Manager Secondary Tertiary MOE NZ Jackie Talbot said following consultations with all New Zealanders last year, the Ministerial and Professional Advisory Groups and the Ministry of Education have come up with seven changes to strengthen NCEA.

The seven changes are to make NCEA more accessible; NCEA fees will be removed along with the redesign of achievement standards to make NCEA accessible for all, ensure there is equal status for matauranga Maori in NCEA, strengthen literacy and numeracy requirements, have fewer, larger standards – the review of achievement standards will reduce standards to 4 to 6 credits with around 20 credits per subject.

Simplify NCEA’s structure – the Ministry will remove the ability to carry over 20 credits from a lower level NCEA and make each qualification, the ministry will introduce a clear guidance on the number of credits that a student should enter each year.

Show clearer pathways to further education and employment, the Ministry will develop a vocational entrance award for students to directly enter high – level vocational education and training and to build a more coherent vocational pathways.

NCEA level 1 will be kept as an optional level.

The visiting team met with the Department of Education, Niue High School Principal, teachers, staff, students, Parents and families as well as the USP Director to explain about the gradual changes and hear their feedback.

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