Expect intermittent power supply over the next few months

Expect intermittent power supply over the next few months as Niue Power Corporation try to remedy the technical and equipment issues confronting the production side of power to the island.

This is according to Niue Power Corporation’s Manager Hui Paola as the island experienced power outages this week.

He says the power house is still waiting on new generators that would help with the problems but have yet to be confirmed whether they will be getting these two new generators soon.

According to the Advisor to Premier Wayne Dawes the generator that was sent to be fixed previously will be arriving on the next boat.  

The current two generators do not have the capacity to provide 100% support to the entire grid.  

Help is expected to arrive on this week’s flight to assist with issues of standby generators in efforts to mitigate the problem.  

Daw added that due to the overcast weather meaning no solar production, until potential repairs are made this weekend, further power rationing will be required

Meanwhile, regular power outages is affecting local businesses says the Chamber of Commerce.

The main shopping centre the Commercial centre in central Alofi will be affected as power will be intermittent at times.

Businesses will be affected particularly those with freezers like the small supermarkets.

BCN News spoke to one of the small eateries at the Commercial Centre and they said that if the power continues to be off they will lose an estimated $1,200 income in one day.

There is a generator at the Commercial centre but it is only available for the Bank.

BCN News understands that the businesses of the Commercial centre a few months ago had asked the Bank for their businesses to be hooked up to this generator but they are still in discussions with the Bank.

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