Air NZ plane develops mechanical problem on landing at Niue airport

Over 100 plane passengers had to extend their stay on Niue over the weekend due to a mechanical fault with the Air New Zealand NZ785 scheduled for Auckland.

The aircraft that arrived on Friday June 21st could not depart as there were mechanical faults that had to be attended to and remained at the Hanan international airport overnight.

Air New Zealand confirmed to TV Niue, NZ785 due to depart Niue – Auckland on Friday 21 June was cancelled due to engineering requirements. Air New Zealand stated customers were accommodated overnight and traveled the next day on an alternative aircraft.     The aircraft has been repaired and is back in service.

New Zealand High Commission in Niue stated the cancellation of Friday’s flight was the Captains call due to a mechanical problem on landing.

The second plane arrived the next day with spare parts and engineers to fix the problem and to pick up the stranded passengers.

The High Commission states thanks to the right call by the pilot the travelers safely departed Saturday at 1pm on the second plane while the first was fixed and back in the air by 6pm on the same day.

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