Questions raised over marijuana package that went missing in Parliament

Questions have been raised as to what happened to the alleged marijuana package that was brought into the legislative assembly chambers in the last meeting by Opposition MP Honorable Terry Coe.

Common Roll Member Crossley Tatui during question time at the Fono Ekepule yesterday asked for an update.  

In response Minister Poko Sipeli said that Hon. Coe had forgotten the bag of pot in the Chambers. He returned to look for it after the meeting but the staff members had already cleaned out the Chambers and everything considered rubbish was taken out and burned, apparently including the package of pot.

Following the last meeting, Honorable Terry Coe in an interview with TV Niue News said a male tourist and possible consultant had given the drugs to him.

While Coe acknowledged the proper procedure is to report and present the drugs directly to the Police, he says he simply wanted to make a big statement, as he is concerned about the potential increase of marijuana and potential gateways for other drugs such as methamphetamine, calling for more action against illegal drug use on the island.

The Chief of Police Tony Edwards had confirmed to TV Niue News that no report was filed to the department regarding drugs and that the news of it when presented at the Assembly meeting was new to him.

Edwards had said it does raise concern that Politicians are aware of this and are not reporting this to police adding if there is something that anyone would have any knowledge of drugs being in Niue, they must report this to the police.

Meanwhile the Misuse of Drugs Amendment Bill has been passed in Parliament.

13 MP’s voted in favor while 3 voted against it yesterday.

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