Clarke Gayford reveals his near death experience in Niue

Clarke Gayford has revealed the dangers of pushing your limits, admitting he almost died while on a trip to Niue.

Known as a keen outdoorsman, Gayford was spearfishing off the island when he had his frightening wakeup call – or as he described it, a “whoopsie.”

The partner of New Zealand’s Prime Minister told NZME  he was spearfishing a large dogtooth tuna. He ended up too deep and the line dragged him down to about 30 metres. He didn’t quite make it back to the surface.

Luckily for Gayford, he had someone close by to save him. He had a guide who grabbed him as he blacked out and brought him around.

He says the severity of his experience didn’t hit him until much later.

Gayford told NZ Media Entertainment that the experience was a big wakeup call on personal limits and working within them.  Now a father to baby Neve, Gayford says he has reevaluated some of his riskier behaviours.

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