Opposition MP presents marijuana in Parliament, calling for strict drug laws

An opposition MP is calling for more action against illegal drug use on the island.

Honorable Terry Coe is concerned about the potential increase of marijuana and potential gateways for other drugs such as methamphetamine.V

Coe recently presented the parcel of marijuana to the Assembly. Coe told bcn news, a male tourist and possible consultant had given the drugs to him.

The Chief of Police Tony Edwards confirmed to BCN this week that they’ve not had any reports filed to the department regarding drugs and that the news of it is new to him.  

He said it does raise concerns that Politicians are aware of this and are not reporting this to police. He mentioned if there is something that anyone would have any knowledge of drugs being in Niue, they must report this to the police.

While Coe acknowledged the proper procedure is to report and present the drugs directly to the Police, he says he simply wanted to make a big statement, fearing Police would not do anything about it, the MP stressed the importance of raising awareness and introducing an anti-drug education program into schools.

He said a bill before Niue’s parliament will clarify laws on possession, production and importation of drugs but he wants punishments to be tougher.

Meanwhile, Honorable Terry Coe said he left the bag in Niue’s fale fono when he left for the day.  When the clerk was approached on what had happened to the drugs, the clerk was not able to disclose this information to us.

While he didn’t reveal the name of the tourist or consultant that handed the drugs to him, he stressed he would be cooperative with the Police in their efforts to eradicate drugs on the island and measures to prohibit drugs entering the island, also suggesting there be sniffer dogs at the main gateways – airport and marine transportation.

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