Uga ban still in place

The uga ban for export overseas is still in force with Niue biosecurity authority putting in place strict measures.

A statement from the Biosecurity Authority has urged the public to please adhere to this arrangement and to avoid further disappointment to those people who are trying to smuggle uga overseas.

It says due to the breach of this matter recently at Auckland Airport where NZ officials had intercepted some uga, this has tarnished the image of the policy makers pertaining to this matter and border control enforcement agencies of Niue Government.

Therefore,  from tomorrow Friday 29th March onwards, all bags and bins of food, cooked or uncooked will be inspected first by the Niue Biosecurity Authority before check-in at the departure gate.

Other measures like using the X Ray machines will also be utilized.

Biosecurity authority says this is to ensure that no uga will leave our shores as in accordance with the current Uga Regulation in place.

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