Niue’s Civil Aviation Act to be reformed

Niue’s Civil Aviation Act of 20 years will be renewed incorporating new concepts that are currently not captured in any other Aviation Act – Niue’s culture and environment.  

The Act will cover the space of 60 thousand feet above the island extended out to the 200 nautical miles covering Niue’s exclusive economic zone.V

Niue’s civil aviation regulator Bill MacGregor said the Act will be highly modified and streamlined to suit Niue.

MacGregor added that the discussions over the last 3 days with primary stakeholders included drones highlighting their obvious increase of use and nuisance, but that aside they recognized the benefits derived such as the assistance to rescue operations with surveillance over EEZ patrolling.

He said the new concepts seen in no other Act is that of incorporating Niue’s environment and cultural aspects.  In this sense MacGregor believes Niue is currently leading the way.

MacGregor was able to give a backdrop of Niue’s aviation space, quoting Niue actually being in a “good space”, indicating also some of the upcoming projects for Niue’s aviation sector.

Such review is timely equipping Niue’s aviation sector especially for the upcoming Pacific Aviation Safety Office (PASO) regional conference being held here in Niue next week which will welcome at least 47 participants from abroad.

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