There was all the hustle and bustle this morning with the traditional Children’s Christmas Party and Santa parade at the Commercial Centre with kids highly anticipating the arrival of Santa.

But before that, the children were gifted with free sweets, snacks and drinks to keep them hydrated and entertained while they entered into a drawing competition where judge of the competition would be in the hands of Santa.

With sirens going it only meant one thing with the kids racing to greet Santa who was in the jolliest of spirits escorted not with reindeers but with Niue’s Fire and Rescue alongside his famous elves – island sized to compensate for just the two. Sizzling on the side was the sausage sizzle that was handed out by Niue’s Police.

A great crowd once again drawn as people flurried to buy last minute gifts with stores mounting all the xmas goodies on the green for display for the kids to pick and choose from with even pressies for the parents themselves.

Santa wished all of Niue a very merry Christmas and a jolly 2019. As always Niue is one of his favourite places to visit in returning to the North Pole.

Credit to the many Santa helpers that made the event possible for all the families to enjoy!


Ke he pogipogi i ni nei ne fakahoko e tau fakafiafia kilimasi ke lata mo e tau fanau ikiiki ke he commercial centre i loto alofi.

Ko e fakaholoaga nei ne kua taute ke he tau tau oti mo e kua tumau e tokologa he tau fanau ne kua fiafia ke fakalataha ke he tau fakaholoaga.

Ne koli mo e uhu lologo kilisimasi, ta he tau fakatino mo e tufatufa he tau palepale ke he tau fanau.

Kua hoko mai foki e tagata talahauua ke he tau magahala kilisimasi ko Santa Claus ke feleveia mo e tau fanau pihia foki mo e poki he tau ata.

(Credit: K Vilitama & F Rex)

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