MIT graduate Joaquin Talagi-Hekesi to intern in France as a chef

Left to right: Albert Hekesi, Jovaan Talagi-Hekesi, Joaquin Talagi-Hekesi and Ida Talagi-Hekesi | Photo credits: Ida Talagi-Hekesi

In the essence of following our former Niue High School students who have left to pursue their tertiary education abroad. 

Last week, Joaquin Talagi-Hekesi from the village of Alofi graduated from her Diploma in Cookery Advance level 5 at the Manukau Institute of Technology (MIT).

Joaquin says the foundation of her culinary journey began at a young age with her Nena Rosa Jackson at Rosa’s Bakery and her parent’s kitchen. Her formal academic culinary studies progressed when she was at High School. Joaquin furthered her culinary journey at MIT. 

“My first year at MIT I studied and achieved a certificate in Cookery level 4. My second year I pursued and achieved a Diploma in Cookery Advance level 5.”

Joaquin is currently working as a chef at Emirates International Lounge at Auckland airport since July 2023. 

“The next chapter in my culinary journey I applied and secured an international culinary internship in Arles, Monteplier, France where I will be attached as a chef for 7 months at the Jules Cesar – “Lou Marquès gourmet restaurant” a refined French cuisine restaurant.”

“I have also been given an opportunity for a 2-year job placement at the Lou Marques restaurant after my internship. The internship culinary opportunity will allow me to master advanced culinary techniques and gain insight into the operations of a top tier international kitchen.”

“After returning from France I will cross credit my practical studies in France towards a Bachelor in Culinary Arts degree before returning to Niue.”

“My journey from Niue High School academic foundation to an opportunity to further my culinary studies on the international stage is a testament of the transformative power of education and global exposure.”

Joaquin acknowledges her Nena Rosa, parents Ida and Albert Hekesi, extended family, friends, all culinary tutors from Niue High School to MIT. 

Photo credits to Ida Talagi-Hekesi.

Clemensia Talo Sioneholo graduates from Victoria University in Wellington

Talo graduated with her Bachelors of Science degree from Victoria University of Wellington. Families and friends gathered to support and celebrate Talo’s successful achievement. 

In their Facebook post, the New Zealand high commission Niue congratulated Talo who was a NZ Manaaki scholarship recipient. 

“Clemensia Sionehilo throughout covid-19 persevered with her studies at Victoria University in Wellington. Her dedication towards her field of study has allowed her to successfully complete her course of study.”

Talo will be returning to Niue to complete her 2-years of service.

Photo credits to Onemutu Photography.

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