World ARC yachts arrive to Niue

Director of World ARC Paul Tetlow

The first group of a total of 23 World Arc yachts can currently be seen mooring off the coast from the wharf in Alofi. 

After two years since the impact of covid-19 hit worldwide, Niue remained dormant without its usual foreign visitors to the island either by air or sea. But we could see from last week, a number of yachts flocked the west coast of Alofi CBD. 

BCN News caught up with Director of the World Arc Paul Tetlow yesterday morning who explained to us what the World Arc is about. 

“World ARC is a 15-month, round the world circumnavigation event leaving from the Caribbean in January, crossing over to the Pacific and arriving in Australia in August and then going across the Indian Ocean down to South Africa and in the final three months of the fifteen months cross South Atlantic to Brazil and then back up to the Caribbean.”

The thirteen different nations the yachtees come from include Sweden, Mexico, Argentina, Holland, Spain, United Kingdom, and USA, says Paul. 

“We’re really excited to be back here. We’re here until next week. There’s 23 boats in total from 13 different nationalities. Of all those boats, we’ve got several boats with families on board and there’s 11 children on board the boat. So what a great experience for those children travelling around the world, around the equatorial routes in 15 months and seeing places like Niue on that route.”

After their short visit to Niue, World Arc will be sailing to Tonga, says Paul. 

He is extremely grateful for the Niue Yacht Club and the Niue community for their great help, support and hospitality while on the island.

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