No steinlager and lion red on the island until mid-May

Photo credits: Phil/Beer Diary

There are no steinlager and lion red beers on the island according to an email sent out by the Niue Bond Store Manager Adrian Woods last Thursday. 

The email sent to all government employees and a few local businesses said that due to supplier issues and delivery changes, both lion red and stein are unavailable until the boat expected in the middle of May, that’s at least five weeks away.

Adrian Woods said that all other lion products are also in short supply. 

The limited stocks of heineken, corona, and wakachangi that are available now may not last due to the change in drinking habits, according to Woods. 

The supply chain issues in New Zealand is the cause of the lack of steinlager and lion red beers on the island. 

BCN News obtained a copy of an email from the representative of the Lion Nathan company to the Niue Bond Store explaining that in recent months, the Lion Export supply chain team have experienced some issues that have led to their supply chain service levels dropping below acceptable standards. 

The Lion Nathan representative explained that they have implemented ways to improve the chain of supply issues and will be looking to check on their customers over the coming weeks. 

CEO of the Bond Store parent company to Niue Philatelic and Numismatic Corporation (NPNC) Poi Kapaga told BCN News that “there was a shortage of aluminium in NZ, the impact of the flood’s added to the backlog of orders and domestic demand took priority over exports.”

Kapaga explained that the orders placed in January, February and March will likely be arriving in May. 

He said that these supply chain issues are outside their control and that they did consider air freight but that was ruled out as not feasible. 

Some of the restaurants and outlets on the island are saying that this is not good for their businesses especially with tourists coming in. 

For those intending to celebrate the outcome of the general elections at the end of the month, there will be quite a few frustrated revellers, having to resort to other alcoholic beverages instead of that ice cold steinie or lion red.

While there may be zero supply of the local favourites lion red and steinlager, the Bond Store is expecting their supply of corona and heineken on the next boat.

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