Covid-19 update: 55 active cases, 1 in covid isolation ward

Before 5PM yesterday afternoon on the Niue covid-19 dashboard, health officials found three new cases of covid-19 and deemed eleven of the previously active cases as recovered and are no longer infected with the virus. 

This has brought the current and total number of active cases on the island to 55. 

There is one patient currently in the covid isolation ward admitted for other underlying condition, according to the Director General of Health Gaylene Tasmania. 

“We do have a patient that is admitted there, not because of covid complications, but other conditions. It’s just that if anyone is positive then we must place them into that isolation ward and not in the main hospital with other patients. 

“They don’t require assistance because of covid complications, it’s just that they are positive. Anyone that is positive but requires hospital assistance or hospital care must be looked after or managed at the isolation ward,” said Tasmania. 

Niue has recorded a total of 187 cases of covid-19 since the first case entered the borders in March this year. A total of 132 of the cases have been recovered. 

Public are encouraged to continue following the health and safety protocols for covid-19 advised by health and government officials. 

This includes wearing a mask indoors especially in public places and gatherings, practising social distancing, regularly washing and sanitising your hands,  and using the RockSafe contact tracing app. 

If experiencing covid-19 symptoms such as a sore throat, coughing or runny nose, then complete a RATs test otherwise contact Niue foou hospital for further assistance. 

The drive-thru covid testing station at the hospital is also available from Monday to Thursday 9AM to 12PM. 

The official Niue covid-19 dashboard at can also provide more details.

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