Government announces petrol and diesel prices to remain the same 

Last week the government announced that there will be no changes to the cost of petrol and diesel at the bowser but the cost of jet fuel and kerosene will increase. 

According to a government press release issued last Thursday, the cost of petrol will remain at $3.50 per litre and the cost of diesel will remain at $3.70 per litre. 

The cost of diesel sold to the power station for power generation will also remain at $3.11 per litre. 

There will be some changes to the cost of LPG gas depending on the type of gas. The Liquid withdrawal type will remain at $6.22 per kg but the LPG vapour withdrawal type will increase to $6.34 per kg. 

Premier Dalton Tagelagi said that the government wants to lessen the impact of the current energy shock on Niue’s people and business community, caused by the ongoing and escalating conflict between Russia and Ukraine, which combined with OPECs decision to restrict fuel supply is seeing the wholesale prices of fuel increase in all markets. 

Meanwhile, the costs of jet fuel and kerosene will increase. 

Jet fuel will increase to just over $3 per litre and kerosene will increase from $2.80 to $3.49 per litre. 

In the government’s press statement, the price changes for jet fuel and kerosene will come into effect at the earliest convenience.

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